Upgrade your existing organ

First-generation digital pipe organs are reaching the end of their working lives. Technology has moved on, and parts are often obsolete or expensive, sometimes making these instruments beyond economic repair. The floppy disk drive might be full of dust, the keys broken or the sound not what it should be. There is a solution!

Organnery retro-fits your existing keyboards, pedals and stops to work with the open source classical organ modelling software Aeolus, created by Fons Adriaensen. The best parts of your existing instrument, such as woodwork and the physical controls you are used to, can be retained and integrated by our skilled technicians.

A typical three-manual digital organ in a house of worship

Create a unique console

With Organnery, you don't need to start with an existing digital organ. You can build a complete instrument from scratch, for installation in a house of worship or for practice at home. Aeolus is a synthesiser optimised for this task, with hundreds of potential controls for each stop that enable you to voice your unique instrument.

Standard Aeolus features include three or more manuals and one pedal board, eleven different temperaments, variable tuning, full MIDI input and MIDI control output. Audio output includes flexible division controls and a large-space reverb for use in dry rooms. Organnery aims to provide solutions for all classical organists.

More videos

Watch our tuorials and informative videos on our Youtube channel

How can Organnery help you?


From a portable single-manual organ to a great console with three manuals and a pedal board, we can build anything you need. You can add up to 32 pistons per manual, create virtual divisions, and place the sound in space like never before.


Your organ is broken and the speakers are making awkward noises? We can upgrade the electronics, the software and sound reproduction system. You can save money (and trees) by keeping the woodwork from your existing console!


Your organ is functional and has MIDI output? Great! You can use the Organnery external expander to upgrade the sound engine and possibilities of your organ. Simply plug in a few cables, and you're ready for a wonderful sonic experience!

Need more?

Dreaming of a custom design? Our team is ready to study your requirements and work closely with you to achieve the best possible result. Our proven expertise covers electronic hardware, embedded software and console woodwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it sound?

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel for demo videos. Please be aware that owing to encoding and playback limitations, nothing compares to hearing the Organnery system for yourself in the real space of a house of worship.

Below are some binaural recordings of the Organnery system (headphones should be used):

Is it compatible with my organ?

The Organnery expander is plug and play with any working console which has a MIDI output. Any instrument can be transformed into an Organnery console by our certified field technicians, even if it doesn't have MIDI, or the electronics are broken.

Where is it made?

Our team is based in the south of France and the UK. Feel free to visit us in sunny Bordeaux! We are 2km from the train station Gare de Bordeaux Saint-Jean and 14km from Bordeaux Airport. Let us know you are coming, so we can arrange a personal demonstration.

Is it a sample-based organ?

No! Aeolus is a specialised pipe organ sound generator. It offers maximum flexibility to create the sound you want, including pipe design, the division layout, console organisation, the sound placement in space, and full control of multi-speaker reverberation.